Mostra fotografica internazionale: Through your Lens

Torna la fotografia internazionale a cura di Monteoliveto Gallery alla Casa Museo Spazio Tadini dal 1-26 Giugno 2022. Dopo due anni di pandemia che hanno impedito il ritorno in presenza dei nostri eventi comuni, ricominciamo lì dove ci eravamo fermati, dalla mostra che era prevista nel 2020 : Through your Lens – Attraverso la tua lente. Una mostra dedicata alla fotografia in tutte le sue forme e in tutte le sue espressioni.

Gli artisti presentati saranno :Petra Bernstein (USA) – Patricia Borges (Brazil) – Moufida Bouamari (France / Algeria) – Elisabeth Chauvin (France) – Eunnym Cho (USA) – Audrey Christ (France) – Benny De Grove (Belgium) – Monique de Luca Tupputi Schinosa (Italy / France) – Talia Duclos (Peru) – Megan J. Harmer (Australia) – Jean Marc La Roque (Australia) – Peter J. Sherman (United Kingdom / Sweden) – Annette Schreiber (USA)

Dal 1° al 26 giugno 2022 nelle sale della Casa Museo Spazio Tadini a Milano saranno presentate le fotografie di 13 artisti internazionali della Monteoliveto Gallery. Ognuno porterà la sua personale visione del mondo attraverso la sua lente, a colori o in bianco e nero, sull’umano o sulla natura, variando su tutte le tecniche fotografiche e di stampa.

Petra Bernstein (USA) – The artwork in this exhibit was inspired by the flowers in my garden in Maryland and created throughtout the summer of 2020. Is used a double exposure tchnique that allows me to create a unique space. This melting effect creates a magical union between my painting and my photography.

Patricia Borges (Brasile)Broken economic models incentivize the degradation of land, destroy ecosystems and fuel climate change. Without getting on a plane for several months due to the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, I decided to build reminders of geographic formations in an attempt to evoke the poignancy and melancholy that come with the disappearance of something beautiful in the natural world. In a reverse mining process, I build my landscapes with deposits of ferric oxides, rust and salts. I fly over the uninhabited Akhenaton archipelago with its landscapes of eternal sun – terra incognita. Once again I play with the concept of truth, using fake images and real news.

Moufida Bouamari (Francia/Algeria) – ROOTS Il y a un équilibre à trouver entre l’enseignement hérité du passé et la recherche de nouveaux chemins. Vivre son appartenance à plusieurs cultures comme un bienfait, où ils s’embrassent fraternellement quelques soient les chemins pris. Mon choix s’est naturellement porté sur les bijoux car ils véhiculent une charge symbolique où «la parure apparaît avant tout comme un objet protecteur traduisant l’expression de la force. Il véhicule souvent des légendes, des symboles et des traditions

Elisabeth Chauvin (Francia) – Se nourrir, le temps d’un repas, on partage quoi ? Autant de questions, de réponses, De situations, prémices de nos vies intimes et d’ événements quotidiens Ce que l’on a, ce qu l’on apprte, un peu de soi mère nature, notre lien au temps et à la nourriture. Le retour du marché, il convient d’honorer la nature, généreuse. Et les immortelles, quel voyage reste à parcourir, le meilleur chemin reste le proche de nous-même. La nature et l’eau ne font qu’un.

Eunnym Cho (USA) – Looking into the Lives – Looking into the lives began while looking for unique elements from various spots. I was driven into vivid color and dynamic lights around for the first. While appreciating those elements, I became more aware of the inhabitants especially those who were alone. Solitary figures in a very public space. A flood of questions arose. What are they staring at? What are they thinking? What are their stories behind? The mind creates questions; the camera creates answers. I set out to photograph, using the point of view of a storyteller. Under a serene state of mind, I tried to depict their stories, expressions, and moods.

Audrey Christ (Francia) – Ce qui m’attire est le lointain. Ce qu’on peut deviner au travers de la ligne. La perpective de l’ailleurs et de l’autrement. Hors temps, hors espace. Une photographie qui porte au hors champs.

Benny De Grove (Belgio) – Memories about our beloved ones, departed or long time not seen, FADE and get blurry and, bit by bit, become more rusty in our minds. These series are also about the transition from one state of subject matter to another.

Monique de Luca Tupputi Schinosa (Italia/Francia) – Comme sur les touches noires et blanches d’un piano, l’homme aussi a son “Tempo” qui influence son état d’esprit, ses mouvements et ses décisions. C’est le pentagramme de sa vie. Pour le poète Octavio Paz, “Le rythme n’est pas une mesure ; c’est une vision du monde”.

Talia Duclos (Perù) – This Project was carried out in India, the idea was to take photographic shots finding myself in some type of vehicle, be it car, motorcycle taxi, bus. So they are very authentic and spontaneous shots and without the possibility of improving frames and without “second chances”. With the camera stalking at all times, they are basically found photographs.

Megan J. Harmer (Australia)As a visual creator, my interest in photography began many moons ago. My photos that feature in this exhibition have been inspired by the symbolism formed by the stars in the night sky. Created from a spark of spontaneity and experimentation, hairs trimmed from a paint brush fall organically into position to create a bold black and white contrast, then selected brush hairs moved into shape form the interesting  compositions. I have since transformed these photographs into fashion items like scarves, bags and clothing.

Jean Marc La Roque (Australia) – The tunnel shot was taken on assignment for the Victoria Desalination Plant, a water desalination plant in Dalyston, on the Bass Coast in southern Victoria, Australia. The tunnel run under the sea for about 2km. The Stick Shed is a type of grain storage facility built in Victoria during the early 1940s. The Marmalake / Murtoa Grain Store No.1 was built in 1941-42 during a wheat glut, to store wheat that could not be exported during World War II. It is the earliest & last remaining example of this particular grand Australian rural vernacular tradition. Situated in Murtoa, out on the Wimmera plains between Horsham and St Arnaud. It is now National Heritage Listed.

Peter J. Sherman (Regno Unito/Svezia)Peter Sherman is a painter, photographer, choreographer and collector of movement. His art centres entirely around dance and performance and as such he has worked with professional and amateur dancers as well as people without any dance education, all in his search for movements. Peter met Smirja in the beginning of 2019 and when she performed, he saw something that he had only seen before in professionally trained dancers. A complete sense of control of the space around her, body flow and an acute awareness of the music playing. He asked her if she had had professional dance training. The answer was no. He was astounded and even more so when he found out about her fight against idiopathic scoliosis. Peter has dedicated this exhibition to this astounding and courageous artist.

Annette Schreiber (USA) Architects express their personality and life in buildings they create. I am using the architect’s creativity combined with my own to express what is important to me with enough room for the viewer to find his own meaning and vision.

International photography is back at the Monteoliveto Gallery in collaboration with Casa Museo Spazio Tadini. After two years of pandemic that prevented the return in presence of our common events, we start again where we stopped, from the exhibition that was scheduled for 2020 : Through your Lens. An exhibition dedicated to photography in all its forms and in all its expressions. From the 1st to the 26th of June 2022, the photographs of 13 international artists from the Monteoliveto Gallery will be presented in the rooms of the Casa Museo Spazio Tadini in Milan. Each one will bring his own personal vision of the world through his lens, in color or black and white, on humans or on nature, varying on all photographic and printing techniques.

The artists presented will be:

Petra Bernstein (USA) – Patricia Borges (Brazil) – Moufida Bouamari (France / Algeria) – Elisabeth Chauvin (France) – Eunnym Cho (USA) – Audrey Christ (France) – Benny De Grove (Belgium) – Monique de Luca Tupputi Schinosa (Italy / France) – Talia Duclos (Peru) – Megan J. Harmer (Australia) – Jean Marc La Roque (Australia) – Peter J. Sherman (United Kingdom / Sweden) – Annette Schreiber (USA)

We wait for you at the vernissage:

Wednesday the 1st of June 2022 from 6.30pm to 9pm

Casa Museo Spazio Tadini

Via Niccolò Jommelli 24, 20131, Milan