Fuorisalone 2014 – Lambrate: Simona Bocchi a Spazio Tadini





L’arredo della propria casa comincia dal mobile e arriva all’arte. In occasione del Fuorisalone 2014 nella Zona Lambrate non potete perdere Spazio Tadini, in via Niccolò Jommelli, 24 (mappa), centro culturale e artistico che, per l’occasione vedrà esposte, oltre alle mostre già in corso di Ernesto Terlizzi e Emiliano Scatarzi le sculture dell’artista internazionale Simona Bocchi dall’8 al 12 aprile, italiana, ma ormai residente in India, a nuova Delhi, da diversi anni. Proprio l’India ha dato spazio alla sua creatività  che, dopo un’intensa preparazione artistica in Italia tra Como, Milano, Carrara, nel 2006 arriva in India con una sua prima esposizione a New Delhi e da qui raggiunge in pochi anni il mondo tant’è che sue sculture si trovano in sedi museali di diversi Paesi.

Nella breve presentazione a Spazio Tadini riporta in Italia, a Milano, alcuni suoi lavori dopo lunghi anni di attività prevalentemente all’estero.



Biografia dell’artista

Simona Bocchi was born in Monza, Italy. After attending an artistic high school in Como (Liceo Artistico Terragni) she continued her studies in Italy of fine arts and notably sculpture in various Accademia di belle Arti, NABA in Milan, Brera, Sassari and Wimbledon College of Art in London.  After graduating in 1996 from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara for the following ten years ,Simona lived in Italy developing her skills and techniques with a wide array of materials, from the famous marble of Carrara to bronze and Jute. In 2006 she was invited to organise an exhibition in New Delhi, her encounter with India had a huge impact on her creative inspiration and marked the beginning of a new chapter in her artistic experience. She settled down in Udaipur and focussed on local materials and techniques to sculpture inspired by Indian spiritual culture. In her artworks she aims to combine respect for tradition with the suggestion of modernity, where Indian elements and symbols and taste meet Western culture.  Since she moved to India, her style, characterised by an ethereal lightness, has gained an increased sensuality that has given her artwork a surprising softness of forms and that is reminiscent of the artwork of Khajuraho. The strong, emotional encounter with India influenced the constant evolution of her tone towards an impressive sinuosity and suppleness, a delicate balance of Yin and Yan. While her style remains unique in its representation of the tension between forms, her artwork is now giving expression to her most feminine side, whereby the juncture points between different volumes and geometric are softened and flow in a harmony resembling waves.  Today Simona works with architects and engineers to realise projects of art in public spaces, landscapes and hotels, creating perfect harmony between the monument and its environment. Simona always says that each sculpture has its own breathing space, and that artworks need to be in harmony with the environment they are embedded in. Her sculptures, sometimes monumental, are exhibited in public spaces and museums in Italy, Uruguay, Norway and Switzerland, and also in the Utarajan Museum in Baroda, Gujarat. Whilst still in Italy, she started to create personalized pieces of sculpted jewellery in bronze. The precious stones of Jaipur offer her a new source of inspiration for jewels that are unique piece of arts, designed specifically for a person or an event. In this vein, upon request of H.H Prince Albert of Monaco, she created a trophy that was offered as a distinction to Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher.  In the last years, she has settle in India where she stages projects and exhibitions that will make her eastern creativity known in the country where she has been drawing renewed inspirations.