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Incroci D’arte

Ritorna l’arte Internazionale alla Casa Museo Spazio Tadini con Monteoliveto Gallery dal 9 marzo al 6 aprile 2023. Quest’anno vi propone Incroci D’arte, una collettiva di pittura, fotografia e scultura dove entrano in dialogo stili e tecniche differenti che risentono delle influenze di varie culture di appartenenza.

In mostra

Stefania Ianniello, Bernadette Blümel, Axel Becker, Marlo Sarmiento, Fred Couprie, Carla Kleekamp, Riitta Nelimarkka, Megan Harmer, Ian Kingsford-Smith, Fulvio Tornese, Alissa Thor, Serenella Sossi, Moufida Bouamari.

Da decenni Monteoliveto Gallery lavora con artisti di vari continenti e ci piace l’idea di entrare in contatto con così tanti modi di vedere, emozionare e sentire.

“Dopo il successo, a giugno 2022, della mostra collettiva #THROUGHYOURLENS Milano e delle due mostre personali di Kerstin Kager (Power of Peace) e di Megan Janine Harmer (Travelling through dreams), la Monteoliveto Gallery torna a Milano tra marzo e aprile 2023 con una nuova mostra collettiva nei magnifici spazi della Casa Museo Spazio Tadini ! – riportano nel loro comunicato Antonio e Gilbert – Dopo le belle esperienze dedicate solo alla pratica fotografica, quest’anno abbiamo deciso di aprire la nostra collettiva milanese a tutte le tecniche artistiche. Tra creazioni astratte, fotografie che catturano istantanee della vita quotidiana, sculture, dipinti e tanto altro si andrà a creare una comunione o piuttosto un incrocio di stili, tecniche e soggetti diversi e variegati capaci di farci viaggiare con gli occhi. Per questo abbiamo deciso di chiamare questa mostra : #ArtCrossings – #IncrocidArte

La mostra andrà anche a inserirsi nel filone generale scelto dalla Monteoliveto Gallery per definire i suoi eventi in questo anno e nel prossimo, la Transizione ecologica, culturale e artistica di cui c’è sempre più bisogno oggi !

La mostra è organizzata dalla Monteoliveto Gallery con la presentazione della fondatrice e curatrice della Casa Museo Spazio Tadini di Milano, Melina Scalise.

Vi aspettiamo dal 9 Marzo 2023 al 6 Aprile 2023 per presentarvi le nuove opere dei nostri artisti e per passare un fantastico momento artistico !


Stefania Iannello Born and raised in Naples, class ’89, Stefania Ianniello gets interest into drawing since the childhood.
After classical studies, she starts her journey at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, where she graduates first in Graphic Art for the Illustration and later in Painting, living through those times other experiences like attending at the Italian School of Comix and another one into the street art, after a series of personal exibition around Naples.
Generally she prefers oil colors and soft pastel.

Stefania Ianniello (Italia) “Guerriero” – 100x80cm – Oil on Canvas – 2023

Marlo Sarmiento studied Economics and Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley before serving in the Peace Corps in Africa and earning a law degree at UCLA. He is certified as a pilot and divemaster, and has photographed mantas in Southern Japan, clownfish in Micronesia and coral walls in Palau for various magazines. He has traveled on assignment for a Star Alliance airline to document the surfing scene on Guam and the ancient rites of traditional seafarers of the Caroline Islands….

Sarmiento Marlo -Estrella Azul.

Axel Becker was born on 15 December 1965 in Frankfurt/Main. He has a degree in business administration and has been active as a passionate artist for over 20 years. In the summer of 2018, Axel Becker was a master student with the well-known art professor and sculptor Josip Diminić, working in his studios in Labin and Diminići. He has exhibited his works nationally and internationally (Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, China, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Vatican, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Great Britain, France). Axel Becker is an artist member of the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart, Kunst international e.V., Stuttgart and the Böblinger Kunstverein, Böblingen.

Axel Becker developed his personal signature with mostly three-dimensional pictures in a minimalist style. With this he wants to set an effective contrast to the world overloaded with information. The pictures bring the viewer back to a few memorable objects that focus the viewer’s gaze on the individual work of art. His art is an effective contrast to today’s information overload. Simple, clear and artistically sophisticated. He also creates sculptures in fiberglas, ceramic, carbon and bronze.

PLANET – Acrylic, Pewter, Paste, Canvas – 60×60 cm – 2022

Professor, DA Riitta Nelimarkka’s multifacetedness makes her one of the most exciting Finnish visual artists. Her art is characterized by a fearless use of colour and form, as well as virtuoso drawing skills.  Nelimarkka has received the honorary title professor from the president of Finland 2008 and In 2016 she was awarded by the State of France with the distinction of Officier des Arts et Lettres and in 2021 with a prize for a big woolen relief at Florence art biennale.   She has written 20 books: art, children and poetry, made films, f.i. the first feature animation of Finland, Seven Brothers 7 which was chosen one of the best european animations 1980. 2016 she made the visualization for Debussy’s 5 Preludes for the Radio Symphony Orchestra and a huge “rug”  Omnipotentia to the university AALTO EE, during years had numerous major solo exhibitions at venues including: Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki; Kunsthalle Helsinki; Wäinö Aaltonen museum, Turku, Hallwyl Museum, Stockholm; Museo de la Nacion, Lima, the Russian Academy of Arts’ Tsereteli Art Gallery, Moscow; EXPO 2000 in Hannover; Prince Albert´s art project, Monaco, FIDM Museum, Los Angeles.

I didn´t promise you a…any garden – Mitt ända korona verket – My one and only corona eruption 130 x 90 x 3 cm, woolen relief 2020

Fred Couprie (1948 -2017), peintre-artiste Hollandais, a été fait ses études de l’Art à KABK (Académie Royale des Beaux-arts) à la Haye (Den Haag). Après ces études achevées, il est devenu professeur de l’art dans un lycée. Pendant l’année 1977-1978 il a vécu en Italy dans un petit village près de Rome. C’était une période très créateur, de nombreux dessins ont quitté son atelier. Bien qu’il a continué travailler comme peintre artiste, éduquer les jeunes étudiants aux arts est devenu la partie la plus importante de sa vie quotidienne. Jusqu’à 2011: il a commencé de peindre, chaque jour, toute la journée, l’huile a toile. C’est devenu une quête à des images fortes d’hommes et de femmes dans des situations inhabituelles. Figuratives mais pas réalistes. Les peintures de cette dernière période sont le résultat d’une recherche approfondie sur un thème social et historique de l’art. L’homme joue un rôle de premier plan dans un entourage associatif. Les images sont rêveuses et en même temps ont une menace en eux. Ou pas? Les techniques utilisées sont en équilibre et l’écriture est très habile.

Painting ” Fred Astaire 1″ 90×70 Oil on canvas  2012.     “Let us be hopeful about the strength of nature. That strength will help us to respect nature and to live within it with joy and happiness”

Fred Couprie – La Vie

Carla Kleekamp My work consist mainly of etchings, collages, waterpaintings, nijimi and drawings. The making of these is for me possibility to express my deepest feelings. In my work, the pure line remains for me the most important medium. Both a scholarship for a visit to Japan and lessons of a Chinese teacher have been very helpful in this aspect. The questions about the truth of images, news, is for me a continuous effort to express, my own vision in themes that concern me. Which values, of me and others, define our interpretation of reality. The human standard is based on interests, money, and I try to express the consequences of these in my work. Most of the themes in my work are focused on the continuous suppression and exhaustion of nature by human beings. The effect of our overbearing economy-Thomas Rau has daily consequences, which we can see and feel, climate change, plastic soup, fine dust, disappearing of the Bio Diversity.

one of Einstein’s 20 dreams of TIME – eau forte:acquarelle-two circles-diameter 16:34 cm – 2020

Bernadette Blümel Born in 1982 in Rum, young artist passionate about graphic design and constantly on the lookout for ways to challenge herself within this medium. Always looking for a new drawing challenge, Bernadette Blümel passionate about graphic design and constantly looking for ways to challenge herself within this medium, produces most of her works with an ink pen (black and red) on paper.  Her works are greatly influenced by humans and nature. One of her favorite inspirational subjects is the human heart, as it awakens a wide variety of deep thoughts and feelings in the viewer.  Her sources of inspiration are her feelings which gives her the strength to share with us his most intimate emotions and to find inner peace. Bernadette Blümel is represented by Monteoliveto Gallery from 2017 at Mulhouse Art Fair (France) and Capri Cities of Europe Project (Italy); in 2018 at Lausanne Art Fair (Switzerland) and in the Paris Cities of Europe Project (France) dedicated to the Neapolitan Tombola; and in 2019 at Gent Art Fair (Belgium). In 2020 Bernadette Blümel is exhibiting again in France with Monteoliveto Gallery from October 29th to November 4th, 2020 within the GraPHica 2 Exhibition at Yellow Cube Gallery, Paris.

Bernadette Blümel – The End

Born in  Australia, Megan Hammer studied art at Griffith University – Seven Hills, choosing to major in Printmaking and minor in Ceramics, with an Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design in 1994 and commenced a career as a Graphic Designer where she began working in the advertising industry. Megan has been illustrating since 1990 with an original, abstract, and energetic style where bold calligraph lines are entwined with meticulous detail and infused with pointillism and in May 2010 she had a boutique solo exhibition in Madrid featuring eight paintings reflecting contemporary, stylistic symbolism of her travels. From 2017 she is been represented by Monteoliveto Gallery in art events and art fairs, Milan, London, Paris, and Mulhouse. In 2020 her interesting prints and illustrations have been shown with a focus on Paris in 3 different Parisian important locations within special exhibitions dedicated to GraPHica:her recent illustrations available as limited edition prints were inspired by her travels, together with a screen print series of past portraits experimenting with bold blocks of colour overlaid with expressive illustrations, symbolism and in some instances typography. In 2021 her graphic works have been exhibited in PARIS gallery exhibitions. In June 2022, her solo exhibition which includes a series of paintings “Travelling through Dreams” will be inaugurated in Milan at the Home Museum Spazio Tadini curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.

Ian Kingsford-Smith The painted life size heads reference Egyptian funerary masks from the beginning of the Middle Kingdom. Kingsford-Smith follows this historical approach by moulding the heads from papier-mache and takes a further step by painting one half in a traditional manner and the other half with an expressionistic interpretation. This juxtaposition of the old and new creates a dissonance which allows the viewer to play an active role in contemplating their own spirituality. The painted hands have an association with the votive hands found in the western provinces of the Roman empire between the 2nd and 3rd century A.D. 

The series of wood engravings and linocuts illustrate the relationship between the living and the dead and the diverse dimensions of human experience. A number of the linocuts reference the current global pandemic and the isolation and suffering that it has imposed on individual lives.  One linocut references Edvard Munch’s The Sick Child (1907) placing in the context of a modern hospital intensive care unit.

A crowd always gathered for the annual Drying Tree celebrations

Fulvio Tornese Born in Lecce (Italy) in 1956, artistic training in the painter and graphic designer Giancarlo Moscara’s studio; after the diploma from Arts High School, he was graduated with honours in Architecture from the University of Florence in 1982. His activity as a painter has been going on since his debut, with formal researches focused on urban landscapes and fragments of imaginary cities, and the use of both traditional and innovative techniques. Selected for the exhibition of  Italian art organized by the Italian Embassy in Kuwait for the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, his large formats were then chosen to take part in the 5thEdition of  the International Contemporary Art Festival in Beijing where he had in 2011 a personal exhibition at Beijing’s Today Art Museum, Italy Point.

Voyager – apriloco su tela – 80x80cm. – 2020

Alissa THOR Née à Paris en 1974. Autodidacte. Vit à Paris et travaille à Rouen où elle a installé son atelier. Études de Lettres et de Philosophie. Documentaliste à l’Éducation Nationale pendant 12 ans. Depuis 2012, se consacre exclusivement à la peinture et à l’écriture (poésie). Premier prix de la ville de Pollena Trocchia, concours Cratere Creativo avec le commissariat de Monteoliveto Gallery, Naples, juillet 2015, sur le thème de l’Inquiétude, participe en 2016 à la 1ère édition du Projet MG MadforNaples. Depuis 2017, représentée par la Monteoliveto Gallery pour la série PANELS, (exclusivité), anagramme de NAPLES, Sto arrivando! ville de coeur, avec ses oeuvres chargées d’émotions, elle a conquis différents publics français et internationaux. Longtemps « intello » et prenant plaisir à manier les abstractions, le besoin radical de rompre et se confronter directement à la matière, prendre la vie, par l’autre bout … La peinture est son terrain d’essai idéal, agir instinctivement … reprendre son propre souffle, son propre rythme son propre corps. L’Expressionnisme est bien sûr le mouvement qui lui “parle” le plus.

Nue – huile sur toile_41x33cm_2018

Serenella Sossi – Originally from Imperia, graduated from the Artistic High School of Genoa, a pupil of the sculptor Lorenzo Garaventa, after a long period in Turin, she has lived for years in Nice on the French Riviera, where she has followed courses and stages of sculpture and painting and undertook studies in aesthetic philosophy. In contact with the stimulating French artistic environment, she refined her personal style from both cultures. Her creations, reflecting a personal inner, philosophical and spiritual path, are characterized by a constant search for verticality. The refined search for light and colour and the disturbing duality between figuration and abstraction predominate in her paintings.  From 2009 resident artist of the gallery, she has recently created works of her series “Ciel/mer”, paintings with a rarefied atmosphere already much appreciated in the prestigious contemporary art fairs of Northern Europe (Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Paris, Luxembourg) where the works have been presented by Monteoliveto Gallery. These paintings reflect a desire to get out of everyday life, an invitation to contemplate endless spaces through which to be captured in search of serenity and peace and harmony, as if to exorcise, by making us transport by the feelings of tranquillity that paintings transmits to us, the ugliness of this sick world, which often transmits insecurity and anxiety. Nevertheless, the characteristic line of Sossi is always upwards: she hopes for positivity and symbolizes hope.


Moufida BOUAMARI was born in Algiers. She lived a childhood and adolescence flooded with light and images in this city of sun and arts that was Algiers of the 1970s and 1980s. Daughter of artists, a filmmaker daddy and an actress mum, who never failed to take her with them to dark rooms and film sets. In Marseille, then in Paris where she currently resides, Moufida, shows a real passion for artistic creation, in particular that of the image, by haunting cinemas, art galleries, and by participating in artistic events. and other festivals.From the projection rooms to the film sets where she grew up, her keen sense of observation and her curiosity have pushed her to better understand the mysteries of cinema, to discover the activities and specialities that govern the production of the film and she quickly switches to technique and works as an assistant director, in production and post-production even collaborating in script writing.

Ce moment magique où nous sommes entre le sommeil et l’éveille ou nous pouvons percevoir les sensations et émotions qui traversent nos rêves. A nous de leurs donner sens pour permetre un meilleur contact avec nous-mêmes et avec l’autre…


#ArtCrossings – #IncrocidArte

9 Marzo 2023 – 6 Aprile 2023

Casa Museo Spazio Tadini – Milano

Il 23 marzo inaugura, sempre con Monteoliveto Art Gallery la mostra di John Bacon artista americano per la prima volta in Italia

Versione in Inglese

After the success, in June 2022, of the collective exhibition #THROUGHYOURLENS Milan and of the two solo exhibitions of Kerstin Kager (Power of Peace) and Megan Janine Harmer (Traveling through dreams), the Monteoliveto Gallery returns to Milan between March and April 2023 with a new collective exhibition in the magnificent spaces of the Casa Museo Spazio Tadini !

After the good experiences dedicated only to photographic practice, this year we decided to open our Milan collective to all artistic techniques.  From March 9, 2023 until April 6, 2023 we will present, as always, works by international artists who will bring their particular artistic vision to meet others from all over the world.

Between abstract creations, photographs that capture snapshots of everyday life, sculptures, paintings and much more we will create a communion or rather a crossing of different and varied styles, techniques and subjects capable of making us travel with the eyes.

This is why we decided to call this exhibition: #ArtCrossings – #IncrocidArte

The exhibition will also be part of the general trend chosen by the Monteoliveto Gallery to define its events in this year and next, the ecological, cultural and artistic transition that is increasingly needed today!

The exhibition is organized by Monteoliveto Gallery with the critical presentation of the founder and curator of the Casa Museo Spazio Tadini in Milan, Melina Scalise.

We wait for you from March 9 to April 6, 2023 to present you the new works of our artists and to spend a fantastic artistic moment !